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HB-Laser is your partner for laser show, multi media and video mapping projects.

30 years of experience, constantly first-class quality, as well as innovative products and ideas have made HB-Laser well-known all over the world.

We received many national and international awards for our products, services and laser shows during that time.


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HB-Laser is an expert for laser show productions of any size:

For live laser show applications, we offer laser shows for festivals or stages, laser show in nightclubs or discotheques as well as for concerts or live gigs. Pre-programmed laser shows are our main business, and we provide such shows for amusement parks, corporate events, inaugurations, stage shows, tours, concerts, etc. - there are so very many occasions where a pre-programmes laser show can wow the audience: See our Laser Show References for more inspiration.


HB-Laser is an expert for multi media show productions of any size:

Many customers request not only a laser show, but a combination of different media in one show production. We combine laser, conventional lighting effetcs, sound, video projection, LED-walls, pyrotechnical effects, fog and spectacular water effects (water fountains) to multimedia ensembles that not only give a massive visual impact but are also synchronised to tell a story. For us, multi media is not just running several media at the same time - it's a way to combine the advantages and specialties of every single effect to a big scenario that emotionalizes the spectators and perfectly catches all senses.

See our multi media show references to get an impression of past projects.


HB-Laser is an expert for laser mapping and video mapping:

Surfaces of buildings and objects can be modified in their look with laser mapping and/or video mapping projections: With this technique a video projector or laser show system displays a new texture our outline on an object to make it look completely different. Of course, this look can be animated and can also change. Spectacular optical illusions can be created with this method.

See some laser mapping and video mapping references here.


HB-Laser is your partner for custom multi media projects:

We equipped mining museums, planetariums, cruise ships, exhibition booths and also state fairs. And every single project required individual solutions and services. HB-Laser uses special control systems and flexible control software solutions, that make it possible to control even huge multi media projects. Our control systems can even handle projects, where the standard lighting controllers are limited: Many projects require interactive systems, tracking solutions and special video projection systems - HB-Laser has the tools, the specialitst and the long year experience in providing custom multi media projects.

See some of our references to get a deeper insight.