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We offer a wide range of products and services in order to be able to offer our customers comprehensive complete solutions. DPSS, diode and OPSL laser systems, as well as a wide variety of water and video technology. For the multimedia sector, we also offer reactive projection systems, as well as interactive and project-specific solutions.
Industrial customers can access an extensive range of industrial lasers, components and OEM products from us. Software and sound solutions complete our range.
A large area is the development and special construction for museums and projects. We also offer complete project planning and visualization for our projects.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our networked thinking, we are able to build and adapt our products individually according to customer requirements and wishes. We have comprehensive knowledge in the field of control technology for the perfect synchronization and combination of a wide variety of media.

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Our water technology

Wasser technology

The element of water is being included more and more as a show element in the entertainment industry worldwide these days.

Ever since we started our brand with HB-Hydro, we have had some impressive water effects in our range that will make any project unforgettable. In addition to our unique innovation, the 3DHydroMatrix, for example, also spectacular water fountains and water screens. In combination with light, laser beams, fog and the right music, these have a breathtaking effect on the audience and inspire both young and old.

With our water technology, the element of water is integrated into your upcoming project in an impressive way.

3D HydroMatrix

water fountains

water screens

Our unique 3D HydroMatrix

Let yourself be enchanted by our globally exclusive and unique innovation, our 3D HydroMatrix, which allows water and light to merge in perfect harmony.




  • Unique, patented innovation “Made in Germany”
  • World’s first flexibly scalable, miniaturized fountain system
  • Can also be used as an advertising medium, e.g. to display logos or graphics in three dimensions
  • limitless, interactive design options
  • Individual modules can be combined in many ways. For example, they can be arranged in a star shape, in a circle or as an area-wide matrix.
  • impressive water figures and light effects full of emotions
  • DMX controllable and can be controlled with any DMX controller on the market
  • Combined with RGBW LED lighting
  • Water fountains can reach a water height of up to 2 m
  • Designed for shopping malls, hotel lobbies, casinos, amusement parks, or wellness and leisure pools
  • Shape and size can be determined individually
  • Easy handling and installation

The distance between the individual modules is smaller than in the SD variant

You therefore need more modules for the same area, i.e. more LED pixels

The advantage over the SD variant is that the HD variant produces more accurate images and graphics
can become

Example: 3D HydroMatrix HD 1m²

  • 500mm x 500mm x 100mm (L x W x H)
  • 100 LED pixels RGBW (900 LEDs)
  • 100 independently controllable fountains
  • from 1cm to 1.5m in height
  • Pixel & fountain spacing 50mm
  • DMX RDM including auto-addressing


  • The distance between the individual modules is greater than in the HD variant.
  • You therefore need fewer modules for the same area than with the HD variant, and therefore of course fewer LED pixels.

Example: 3D HydroMatrix SD 1m²

  • 500mm x 450mm x 100mm (L x W x H)
  • 25 LED pixels RGBW (225 LEDs)
  • 25 independently controllable fountains
  • from 1cm to 1.5m in height
  • Pixel & fountain spacing 100mm
  • DMX RDM including auto-addressing


water fountains

Neptun Octopus
Neptun VarioStream
Neptun Rotojet 2D/3d
Neptun RocketShooter
Neptun MoveStream 2D/3D
Neptun LaminarJet
Neptun AquaShutter


  • for perfectly symmetrical water figures
  • It is equipped with 10 individual nozzles, which are arranged in 2 circles with 5 nozzles each.
  • These 2 circuits can be freely positioned using servomotors and supplied individually via separate water connections
  • Astonishing and fascinating water sculptures can thus be realized
  • Combined with LED lights and a maximum height of 25m, the
  • Neptun Octupus is a fantastic addition to any water fountain setup that doesn’t yet have such a unique highlight.



  • Perfect solution for water fountain setups where different water heights should be smoothly controlled
  • Combination of different water heights and LED lights in different colors create amazing water and light effects
  • High jumping heights can be achieved by using multi-stage pumps, the maximum height varies between 12 m and 45 m.
  • By controlling with DMX it is possible to create incredibly dynamic and static effects.


Neptune Rotojet 2D

  • Has five nozzles that are rotatably mounted
  • Drive is via a brushless DC servo. This allows the rotation speed to be adjusted from 0 to 3 revs/sec regardless of the water pressure. regulate.
  • Enchanting pirouette effects can be created
  • A variety of unique special effects can be programmed by varying the height and speed
  • Adjustable water column heights of up to 15 m can be achieved.

Neptune Rotojet 3D

  • The Neptun Rotojet 3D has six nozzles that are rotatably mounted
  • As with the Rotojet 2D, it is driven by a brushless DC servo.
  • Regardless of the water pressure, the rotation speed can be adjusted from 0 to 2 revs/sec. regulate.
  • The angle of inclination of the nozzles can be freely selected from 0 – 45°.
  • Incredible water images with impressive dynamics can be created
  • Breathtaking water effect that offers a variety of different design options.



  • Inexpensive and impressive effect shooter that creates unique water columns with a height of up to 15 m at 4 bar
  • It is made entirely of stainless steel with a water volume of just 10 liters
  • Due to the short filling time of the tanks and the powerful compressor, up to four shoots per minute are possible.
  • No pump is required as the system only works with compressed air
  • The lighting with LED IP68 lights in the appropriate colors creates the impression of an imposing column of flames.


Neptune Movestream 2D

  • For water fountain setup where different water heights should be combined with oscillating axes
  • The movements together with a variety of colors in the programming can realize amazing water and light compositions that will amaze any viewer.
  • The water jets move almost weightlessly to the beat of the music.
  • Using modern servo technology, any desired position and speed can be implemented, whether slow, flowing or fast movements.
  • Equipped with different pumps, the range for the maximum height varies from 18 m to 45 m.
  • It is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, which means that it can be used in salt and chlorine water without any problems.


Neptune Movestream 3D

  • The world’s first water fountain product that can rotate endlessly on the Y-axis and pan 180° on the X-axis
  • The design possibilities are almost unlimited and breathtaking new choreographies can be achieved
  • Equipped with different pumps, the range for the maximum height varies from 16m to 30m
  • Makes water fountain dreams come true and is a must for every outstanding water installation worldwide.



  • The Neptun LaminarJet offers a unique water feature and impresses with laminar water jets
  • A maximum jet height of up to 4 m and a jet width of up to 6 m can be achieved
  • The precise start and end of the water jets creates magical water effects
  • The homogeneous jet makes it possible to create water effects even across the audience, the jets always hit the same target
  • Thanks to additional LED lighting, the beam shines in a wide variety of colors over its entire length.


  • Amazing solution for high soaring, fast and spectacularly synchronized water effects
  • Consists of 9 shutter heads arranged in a fan shape, each of which can be controlled individually
  • Due to its 9 individual jets, combined with a maximum height of 25 m and the possibility of adjusting each jet by +/- 20°, impressive water effects with breathtaking dynamics can be programmed
  • With its superior switching time of 0.25 seconds, fast water shots as well as a constant water flow with an unprecedented impact are possible.

water screens

Poseidon HydroScreen
Poseidon HydroPixel
Neptun HydroShield


  • Great way to use water as a projection surface
  • Variety of options regarding the total number of nozzles for your perfect application
  • Available in straight or curved form and scalable to any length
    creates an almost invisible screen for your projection that will amaze your audience
  • Perfect for projection applications when the water depth is not sufficient to use a Neptun HydroShield


  • Allows text or graphics to be displayed
  • The HydroPixel is equipped with 120 individual nozzles per meter
  • Impressive figures can be created while the water falls down from above.
  • The entire solution is flexibly scalable by combining different 0.8 m long segments to the required size.
  • Each of the individual valves can be controlled individually to create surreal effects that are eye-catching regardless of where they are installed.


  • Largest and most spectacular possibility to create a projection surface out of pure water
  • Excellent for sharp video, laser and light projections.
  • The water wall is created according to the fountain principle: water is pressed through special nozzles at high pressure, creating a semi-circular water film.
  • Screen sizes of approx. 10 x 27 m or 17 x 45 (depending on the version)
  • A water height of up to 20 m and a water width of up to 50 m can be reached
  • Ensuring quick assembly and disassembly and easy handling