Light shows in Schärding Austria

The “Lichtspiele Schärding-Neuhaus” are the winter highlight in the region on both sides of the Inn. They take place in the Austrian baroque town of Schärding and in the neighboring German municipality of Neuhaus during the winter months. We staged the entire city with a huge multimedia installation. Between November 28, 2014 and February 22, 2015, we were the contractual partner for the entire multimedia project for the Lichtspiele. For the subsequent light shows between the November 13, 2015 and the February 14, 2016 we were also contractors again. The building facades throughout the city center were brought to life through video mapping projections and laser projections. The projections in the Advent season differed from those in January and February. At various stations throughout the city, visitors were told fascinating and colorful Christmas and winter stories on the building facades. In addition to the city center, the old Inn Bridge, Neuhaus Castle, the Orangery, Jahn Park and the Linz Gate were also illuminated. A separate circular path was also illuminated.


We realized:

  • Schärding’s market square was one of six stations where fascinating and colorful Christmas and winter stories were told to the visitors on the surrounding building facades.
  • For these video mappings, HB-Laser used 6 video projectors, which were controlled via two special Titan multimedia workstations.
  • 30 x LED 24x8W architectural spotlights
    Other places where the light shows were located were Neuhaus Castle (special light animations), the old bridge over the Inn between Schärding and Neuhaus (light animations), the ‘Magic Carpet’ (interactive floor projections), the Orangery Schärding (colorful illumination of the plants) and finally the Jahnpark Schärding (light effects and mysterious noises).
  • In addition to the video mapping projections, laser projections were also shown in the orangery park.
  • For our laser and video systems, we built our own tower on the marketplace, in which the projectors were integrated.
  • The presented fantasy world was accompanied by a brilliant musical composition.
  • The entire installation was a one-stop solution and included individual show programming of the content in advance.