The Yue Lake in China as well as China's largest opera house requested lasers as special effects in 2007. Some lasers should scan over Yue Lake, others should illuminate the opera house.

Due to delays during the building of the opera house, HB-Laser ready-installed one part of the laser installation and instructed a local company to implement the second part on finishing of the building works.


This technology was provided by HB-Laser:

  • 3 x HB-Laser LightCube NexGen RGB 12W
  • 1 x HB-Laser LightCube NexGen RGb 10W
  • 2 x HB-Laser LightCube NexGen G 8W
  • 20 x high performance haze machines
  • 10 x heavy duty fog machines
  • 2 x HB-Laser TITAN 5 multi media control station with Pangolin laser control software