The Korean nightclub industry barely knew laser light systems before 2003. So when the Merit Club in Korea approached HB-Laser, their new laser show installation was a blast to the nightlife industry there - and several other Korean clubs followed and ordered laser light systems from HB Laser. This way many of the important clubs in Korea were equipped with HB-Laser systems shortly after the Merit Club.

The Merit Club was equipped with:

The Merit Club received a very powerful system:

Spectra-Physics 2080 gas laser light systems with ca. 20W white light power. The whole system was based on an HB-Laser ATLAS platform. The laser source was hooked up to three different scanning systems - one directly scanning and two ones connected through fibre as satellites. This made it easy to cover the whole club - as it can be seen on the picture, the venue is quite big.


And several other clubs in Korea bought systems:

Some bought the same setup, as they saw the great performance at the Merit Club.

Others decided to go for smaller gear, e.g. when their venues weren't that big. So some chose this setup:

1 x Spectra-Physics Chroma 5 with ca. 6W RGB power, based on an ATLAS platform

2 x HB-Laser ZEUS 500mW green

Others decieded to go for the single green ZEUS only.


Every system implemented in Korea those days was controlled by Pangolin LD-2000 software with QM-2000 control boards.