HB-Laser did several laser installations at the famous Index Club in Schüttorf / Germany during the past years. The initial installation, that HB did, was done in March 2002. At those days, gas laser systems were the only choice for nightclub laser show setups when it came to RGB systems, but as green solid state solution there were already some solutions available. HB-Laser chose a Melles 532nm DPSS source for the satellite laser systems here.

The Index nightclub in Schüttorf was established many years ago and is still in business. The large nightclub made their first decision to go for HB-Laser systems in March 2002 - and upgraded to new HB-Laser solid state systems in 2012.

The initial setup in 2002 consisted of:

2 x Spectra-Physics Chroma 5 gas laser systems on an HB-Laser ATLAS platform, each system perfroming at about 6W RGB power

2 x Melles 2.5W 532nm green DPSS


The legendary CT6800 were used as scanning system, driven by Apollo SuperMicro scanner drivers.

The whole laser setup was controlled through Pangolin LD-2000 software and 4 QM-2000 interfaces. The control software was combined with an external MIDI keyboard and controller.