Holy Defense Museum in Tehran, Iran

In 2010 we were the general contractor for the implementation of a permanent multimedia installation for the Holy Defense Museum in Tehran.
We delivered a complete solution and took care of all the work steps from planning to the finished opening show. Over 100 water fountains were installed along with flame projectors, hazers, a hydroshield, five outdoor LightCube laser systems, 48 indoor LightCube laser systems, 20 V7-1200 moving heads, video projectors and a full 50kW PR sound system. This huge number of laser devices was controlled via a network of two HB-Laser TITAN workstations.
Visitors can expect a massive indoor laser show and a gigantic outdoor multimedia show with water fountains and a HydroShield outside of the Holy Defense Museum in Tehran.


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We realized:

  • 5x Outdoor LightCube NexGen RGB 20W
  • 2 x PinScans IP68
  • Titan multimedia controller
  • 60 x Hazers & Foggers
  • 15 x IP68 flame projectors, 15m
  • IP67 video projectors
  • 30 kW PR sound system
  • 1 x Neptun HydroShield for outdoor use (20 x 50 m)
  • 20 x V7-1200 moving heads
  • 30 m fountain ring with numerous water fountains
  • Nozzles with individual control, incl. IP68 LED lighting
  • 46 x indoor LightCube laser systems for the indoor laser show