3D HydroMatrix

3D HydroMatrix opens up never been there design possibilities. For the first time pixel accurate videos and pictures can be combined with a third dimension, by using the height of a water fountain. The minimal pitch between the LED water fountains allows you to realize your creative ideas.Any individual design is easy realizable through the flexible configuration as single- or in-line arrangement, as star or as area covering matrix. Easy startup by auto-addressing and –calibration is naturally as well as simple programming. 3D HydroMatrix includes all components necessary for operation.

Miniaturized, flexible and scalable design platform, designed for high-quality exclusive attractions.

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3D HydroMatrix Catalog: PDF-Download here

3D KineMatrix 

A development of MKT AG and HB Laserkomponenten GmbH. Together we have set ourselves the goal of creating something unique from the individual products 3D HydroMatrix and Kinetic . A living and weightless 3D sculpture of water, light and motion. 3D HydroMatrix modules with 10 nozzles and 10 RGBW LEDs each contain all components necessary for water and lighting staging. The modules can be placed in any arrangement adapted to the project. For Three-dimensional vivid sculptural animations we recommend the arrangement as a matrix.
The Kinetic assemblies can also be flexibly scaled and any object in the room can be moved over the 3D HydroMatrix Three-dimensional and interact with the water and light.
- 3D KineMatrix adapts to every urban environment and conveys positive
  captivating emotions on a unique level.
- 3D KineMatrix can be scaled to fit any situation.
- 3D KineMatrix can interact interactively with the environment.
- 3D KineMatrix can be flexibly combined with other media (video, laser, light,
  sound, fog)
- 3D KineMatrix can be used commercially and transports messages with
  sustained positive feedback.

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Projections onto screens of water  

Among projection screens of fabrics or foils, screens made out of water have become more and more popular in the event industry. Wear-resistance and barely visible technical structures are the most important advantages of these systems. 

Unforgettable events and unique presentations
Vertical water screens can be created in three different ways

Water Fountain Walls

A fountain-based water screen is normally used at outdoor events. Under high pressure water runs through nozzles mounted in water basins.

Water Shield / Hydro Shield

The most common type is the water shield (hydro shield): Water is pumped with very high pressure through a special nozzle that forces the water to the shape of a half circle. A water shield / hydro shield has the advantage, that it is not visible when not needed, but can emerge when necessary. This makes a water shield / hydro shield great for any kind of multi media show application where laser and/or video is to be projected onto a large scale surface, but the surface is not needed permanently. 

Water Screen

Water screens based on waterfall principle are applied at indoor events. A line of fine drops builds a nearly invisible vale of water. The size of these screens is only limited by the room`s dimensions. This enables projections which seem to float free in space. An effect, supported by the water curtain`s transparency.
Of course there are many more water show types, which are especially used for multi media show applications. Water jets, water fountains or water sprout fountains are only the most common types of water show effects. Most of the mentioned effects can also be motorized and thus create moving effects. 

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