HB-Laser did several fixed laser show installation in Greece for the event of the Olympic Games in 2004.

Two installations were done for the five star Hotels Grand Resort Lagonissy and Elounda Beach in Crete.

Besides that, HB-Laser supplied a huge hydroshield for displaying TV-programs of the Olympic Games on the open sea - it was the largest TV projection in the open sea on a huge hydro shield until then.

This laser and mutli media technology was provided by HB-Laser:

  • HB-Laser Neptune Hydroshield 17 x 50m with special seawater-resistancy modification
  • 2 x 10.000 ANSI lumens video projection systems
  • weather resistant and waterproof outdoor installation of video projection and sound transmission systems
  • TV transmission system
  • Wireless 8 channel sound transmission system for eight different language transmission to head set receivers worn by hotel guests