One major highlight of 2014's horticultural show was the "Festival of Lights", which took place on 20th September. The whole city center of Schwaebisch-Gmuend was covered in light and especially in laser: HB-Laser provided a massive laser-multi-media-show, combining video and laser mapping on the central building of the city ("The Cheese") and a huge laser show covering the whole city center with bright beams.

HB-Laser used 4 of their professional LightCube 860 and 863 systems, at 12W and 20W RGB white light. The show was controlled with Pangolin LD-2000 through an HB-Laser TITAN control station. To increase the visibility of the laser beams, several fog and haze machines were used. Ambient illumination to emphasize the effects of the laser show was supplied by HB-Laser as well.

As it can be seen on the pictures, it was not that easy to get everything set up in the designated way - some climbing was necessary to get the laser show systems in place.