Lucent hired HB-Laser to build a special multi media solution for their exhibition booth in Geneva. They required a combination of video and laser projections to showcase their products and services together with a multi media visualization and laser show.

HB-Laser did several tests for this display in their showroom - these pictures can be seen below as well. The actual display at the exhibition was done with a setup of one Coherent Purelight 5W white light gas laser system, based on an HB-Laser ATLAS system, as center and graphics projector (using the CT6800 scanners with Apollo SuperMicro scanner drivers). As beam show systems and satellites, one HB-Laser 8W Argon system was used, creating the beam effects through two satellite scanheads "Star-C". Those satellites were positioned aside the projection screen to create the beam effects during the projection show (rear projection).

The new thing about this show was the combination of video with lasers. This show was a time synchronous combination of video and laser, using Pangolin LD-2000 for laser light control and a media server for the video handling - both synced via timecode.