For the Lavasa outdoor musical fountain attraction in India, HB-Laser provided different laser show systems as well as a all-weather outdoor speaker system of the PR-electronics WP Series.

The challenge at this project was the extremely long distance between the laser projector and the actual projection surface (here: water fountains and hydro shield). Therefore it was necessary to focus the laser beam to the proejction surface to avoid having a too wide diverged beam there. HB-Laser implemented a special focus optics to achieve a bright, crisp beam at the projection surface - with still having rather small mirrors on the scanners and thus achieving high scan speed.


This laser show technology was installed:

  • 2 x HB-Laser LightCube HighEnd OPSL 10W with long distance collimation optics
  • 1 x HB-Laser TITAN 5 multi media control station with long distance network control feature via optical fibre


This sound technology was used:

  • 16 x PR-electronics WP Series speakers (weatherproof)
  • PR-electronics digitally controlled amping system