HB-Laser has many years of experience in planning, production and realization of professional multimedia projects. In recent years, we have been implementing numerous projects around the world. We are pleased to present you the wide range and portfolio of our services:

Multimedia Projects

Multimedia shows are a combination of different show media to choreographed and synchronized show production.
Video, laser, conventional lighting, pyrotechnical effects, smoke, haze, water fountains and water effects are combined, and in some cases human actors play an important role.
HB-Laser have achieved huge multi media show productions in the past and has huge experience in handling all the different media.


Planetariums & Museums

Turn-key solutions is what many planetariums and museums expect from their multi media partners. HB-Laser often proved their experience in not only doing spectacular laser and video installations for museums, but also providing furniture, interactive areas or the individual creation of themed rooms or areas.
Many different applications with lasers, video, water or other effects can be combined to tell history, stories or any scientific topic.
The development of ‚Edutainment‘ systems are one of HB-Laser‘s core competences.


Caves & Salt Mines

HB-Laser is specialist for difficult environments and has a lot of experience in underground installations.
Custom-made devices of HB-Laser can resist these extreme environments and they are very reliable for many years.  
Even at daily use in aggressive environments, the sensitive equipment is perfectly protected.
This justifies the additional expense of custom-made devices by far. 
Examples are the salt mine Berchdesgaden (2007) and the salt mine Heilbronn (2011) as well as mine Merkers.


HB-Laser Multi Media Show