Most laser shows or multi media shows require a sound system to play the music the lasers and other media are synced to. There is a multitude of different sound sytems available on the market, however it is difficult to find the right solution for the very project amongst the vast variety of options. HB-Laser partners with PR electronic for custom sound solutions. We experienced the quality and performance of these products in our past projects and recommend these systems. 

Of course we can also provide different sound systems if necessary. However, our experience showed that price-quality-wise the PR Electronic sound systems match most specific project requirements best. Due to the individual, customized speaker setup, the PR Electronic speakers can meet the very requirements of the venue plus the requirements defined by the viewing/listening angle of the audience.



The PR engineers are developing sound systems, electronics and speaker cabinets not for special shades of sound, but to reproduce all audio sources in a perfect way. The only difference for the speakers should be the site-specific acoustic challenge anywhere in the world. This results in speaker systems which are optimized in sound quality for musicians, contracting, cinema, installation and touring applications. Besides that PR Electronic managed to reduce size and weight of the speaker components - without compromising in audio design and engineering. 

HB-Laser PR-Sound