The team of HB-Laser works in the event industry for many years already. The knowledge we have and the experience we gained from every single project we did in the past becomes a real value to every new project we're doing. Laser installation projects require a skilled implementation team so both laser safety and beautiful show effects are considered.

Laser installations, meaning permanent fixed installations of laser show systems, maybe also including a laser show configuration itself, are often combined with other media, like fog or haze for making the laser beams visible, or conventional lighting, like moving heads or LED systems. HB-Laser is experienced in doing such media implementations as well: LED walls, moving heads and other LED installations as well as big scale media servers are no problem. Especially if it comes to professional video display - on pixel walls or with video projectors - HB-Laser has a good list of great references. 

Fixed installations with Laser and Media are quite common in nightclubs, but also amusement parks or cruise ships ask us for doing their fixed laser or multi media show installation.

Fixed Laser Show Installations in Nightclubs

Laser installations in nightclubs have special requirements: Not only is it important to install the laser systems in a way that makes them look beautiful and strong, it is also essential to consider the very safety regulations and the circumstances how the lasers shall be operated. HB-Laser knows of the laser specific regulations in your country - and we know what the spectators in your venue expect and we know what you need. Our laser show installation team implements your individual solution on site!

Fixed Laser Show Installations in Amusement Parks

The amusement park industry is very special - and we know about this: We know about the special requirements, we know about the ROI calculations, we know about the safety regulations - and we know what the visitors want to see. Our experience from past amusement park projects are a benefit to every new project - no matter if it's a laser installation project, a laser show implementation of complete multi media solutions. Three-dimensional visualizations, video mapping projections or 3D-mapping as combinations of laser and video are only a small part of the solutions that we offer. 

Fixed Laser Show Installations for Advertising

Conventional billboard advertising always requires new ideas of different advertising texts or catchy imagery. With a laser billboard installation, the billboard itself is already an eye catcher: The bright and crisp projections combined with the possibilities of full color projection systems make this kind of advertising a new, special form of customer address. The independency of a normal screen make laser advertising much more flexible than conventional billboards: Walls, towers, windows or even roads can become an advertising space!

HB-Laser Laser Installations