Multi media shows combine several media to create a fascinating, emotionalizing ensemble of different (audio-)visual effects. HB-Laser can handle any media that needs to be combined in a show.

Combined Shows - Laser & Video

Both, laser and video, have their advantages in different types of projection. By combining both technologies even more emotionalizing and fascinating effects are possible: 3D mapping, laser outling of projection etc.
The combination of laser and video in one multi media show also provides new possibilities in terms of reach and scale of the projections.
Please ask us for details on how we could make a perfect multi media show for you!

Many customers use a laser & video show combination for:

  • car presentations and -launches
  • 3D mapping projections on buildings and objects
  • laser cutting: outlining & emphasizing a projection
  • Cruise Ship shows
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Corporate shows
  • etc.


Laser and Pyrotechnics

Laser and pyrotechnics is a perfect match: Besides the spectacular effects that can be created with pyrotechnical effects, the smoke that come from these effects is a perfect medium for visualizing laser light beams. A normal fireworks display can achieve double the visual impact when it's combined with a laser show!

Laser and pyrotechnics combinations are often seen at:

  • annual fireworks shows
  • jubilees
  • grand openings
  • inaugurations
  • New Year's Eve events
  • etc.


Laser and Water Show

Water shows themselves are spectacular events, especially as they are only common in certain parts of the world. Water shows have the huge advantage of the emerging and disappearing of fountains and water surfaces - that are perfect for laser projections. Hydro shields (emerging form the water surface) and water screens (consisting of water drops falling down) are projection surfaces that are used for most bigger multi media shows.

Laser and water effects combined in one show can be seen at:

  • amusement parks
  • multi media entertainment shows
  • huge fountains in front of casinos
  • etc.


Full Range Multi Media Show

A real full range multi media show is more than a combination of single media - it's an ensemble of professionally synchronized and harmonized emotions: It's an audio-visual and sensual experience that embeds the spectator to the show and touches their feelings. We know how to create such unforgettable moments - we did this kind of show many times in the past and also implemented fixed full range multi media show installations.

As a multi media show is not just a combination of the single media, it's important to have an experienced partner for doing such a spectacular event. This is where real multi media show happened in the past - maybe they are a perfect fit for your event too?

  • ship launch
  • amusement parks
  • multi media entertainment shows (those are very popular in Asia)
  • cruise ships
  • big public events
  • etc.

A full range multi media show incorporates not only lasers, but consists of multi different media. The most common media that are used for a multi media show are laser, video, pyrotechnics, fireworks, smoke/haze, hydroshields, water screens, projection screens (gauze, rear-projection, front projection), fountains and CO2 effects.

HB-Laser Multi Media Show