With over 20 years experience and the appropriation of technical and graphic knowledge H.Bohlinger made a name to himself in the branch of laser shows, multimedia and video projects. H.Bohlinger has made his passion to his business once he established the company HB Präzisionslaserkomponenten in the year 1990.
On account of his apprenticeship in fitter he appropriated the knowledge about mechanical engineering,  furthermore he took courses in electronics. He has acquired to himself the knowledge of current software programmes like Photoshop, InDesign, etc to perform the marketing strategies for the company on his own.
In 1999 the management extended through a second partner called Lutz Bartl and the company HB Laserkomponenten GmbH was founded.
H. Bohlinger has adopted the technical management in the company and in external projects. Projects like Al Noor Island in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, planetarium Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw and the planetarium in Hamburg and Berlin, furthermore the multimedia implementation in salt mine like Heilbronn, Berchtesgaden and Merkers are appreciable projects in technical management of H.Bohlinger.

According the opinion of H.Bohlinger the technical knowledge of his team is the strength of the company HB Laserkomponenten GmbH. Due to the technical knowledge the team of HB Laser could built a new product to satisfy the client expectation of performance in project. H.Bohlinger and his team could recite the facts what’s behind a product and which technical output could be achieved. Therefore a competent consultation with regard to the choice of the product for the desired project is guaranteed.